Are Mental Health Issues Affecting Your Ministry?

I hope that 2020 has started well for you.At TTc we have been busy working on big improvements that we will be rolling out over the course of the year. For example we are focusing more on our members wellness instead of just stepping in when people are already sick or injured.We know you live a busy life, and sometimes it can be hard to find the right balance. Hopefully the below links will help you thrive both in your home life and in your ministry.
Are Mental Health Issues Affecting Your Ministry

The Importance of Fitness and Well-Being for Missionaries

When you’re responsible for helping other people improve their lives, it can be easy to lose sight of your own well-being. Being on the go without a regular schedule or fitness routine. Prioritizing others and getting work done over caring for your own health. Does this sound familiar? These are common pitfalls of the missionary experience that can make it harder for you to meet your personal and ministry goals.

Read more to better look after yourself so you can take better care of others.

Tailored Fitness and Nutrition Insights

If you are interested in receiving.

  • Tailored health and fitness insights
  • Diet and meal planning advice specific to your needs
  • Insights in to how you handle stress and are affected by sleep

Contact us to purchase one of our AETNA DNA kits.

These highly subsidized kits are available to TTc members for US$100.

Momentum Men’s Conference

76% of global missionaries leave the field early for preventable reasons. Field Life and TTC want to change this by helping cross-cultural workers stay healthy and effective to fulfill their calling. TTc is partnering with Field Life to pay US$400 of the conference fees for the first 5 Alpha and Omega members that sign up for the March Momentum men’s conference being held in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, and then US$300 for other members who sign up.

Click here to read this article on why you or a man in your life may benefit from going to Momentum.

To find out more about Momentum and sign up click here.

Reflecting on 2019

As we start a new year it can also be helpful to reflect on what has come before to encourage us for the year ahead.

Here are some of our highlights from 2019.

  • We moved in to a great new office space. If you are ever in Penang please do come to visit us.
  • We have added 3 team members and now have a presence on 3 continents. Coupled with Aetna’s global coverage this helps us be better able to meet our members’ needs.
  • TTc Gives Back – By the end of 2019 TTc had given back to our members over US$330,000.
  • Mercy Fund – US$43,617.60 released to members in need.

Thank You

Thank you for your continued support as we continue to provide you with resources to stay physically, mentally, and financially healthy.

We are now more active on social media so please help us let more missionaries know about the great products and services we offer. 

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