Member Benefits

Missionaries are often in environments with high physical and mental health stressors. These challenges can affect overall wellness, hinder ministries, and ultimately limit people’s time in the field.

Our ministry is helping missionaries to fulfill the Great Commission. That’s why we take a more holistic approach to supporting missionaries than other insurance companies.

We start with proven, trusted policies and every year we look at ways to make our programs more comprehensive and more affordable.

We have been 100% focused on only missionaries since 1991.

Young child is resting on the back of a missionary with our international travel medical policy
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Keeping you safe

We provide services and technology to help our members deal with the many challenges in the field. With our insurance partner Allianz, we have access to high-end global corporate benefits that other plans cannot match.


• Meeting doctors by phone or laptop to provide a faster, easier and often safer consultation

• Be aware of the security and travel issues wherever you are

Safety & health are top priorities for ensuring your ministry carries on.

Keeping you well

Our Team of specialists provides the best day-to-day service and crisis experience for our members. In addition, our exclusive Member Assistance Program provides many kinds of professional services.

• Helping you decide on the best treatment options available

• Coaching for new roles & leadership

• Financial & legal advice

• Personal counselling

• Mental health resilience

These are tools that help you deal with unexpected events, lower stress and allow more focus on your mission.

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Keeping costs down

We provide multiple ways for members to keep their costs down. Members who help keep their claims down benefit from discounts. Internally we also are focused on keeping our costs down, ensuring that more of your premiums go towards paying claims.


• Since 2017 all our profits have gone back to our members, reducing their premiums.

• We have a 10% tithe of our income, called our Mercy Fund. It provides extra help in situations that fall outside of what our policies can cover. We know that not everything can be written into a policy, so we try to help in areas that impact our members or their ministry, which may not be insurable.

We are mindful of who everything belongs to, so we keep premiums low.


What our members are saying


Many Brazilian missionaries have difficulty finding medical insurance that meets their needs. After a lot of research we chose Talent Trust and I have seen them work well for hundreds of missionaries. This is why Talent Trust is the only medical insurance that I recommend for Brazilians.

Headshot of Kevin Boot from Frontiers

Kevin Boot

Perspectives, Frontiers


‘Talent Trust operates with kindness and grace. They have great customer service and provide cost-effective international service. They even help subsidize it for our support-raising missionaries.’

Headshot of Tammi Swymeler from World Partners

Tami Swymeler

Director of Operations, World Partners


Great communications, they know what’s going on internationally, reliable insurance AND there is a living element to the relationship.

Headshot of Bob Pagee from Dalat International School

Bob Pagee

Dalat International School, Malaysia


‘Talent Trust helped us by finding out all the information regarding the hospital, promptly responding to all my emails, and coordinating with the insurance company. You have made it so easy for getting through the treatment process and we are very grateful for all your assistance. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!’

Robert Puyu


Don’t get caught out without the proper insurance.