No Claims Bonus

At Talent Trust, we reward our members for staying healthy, which helps us keep our premiums down.

Our No Claims Bonus (NCB) rewards members who either stay healthy or help keep the cost of minor claims from being inflated by administrative costs.  As a result, many members are saving hundreds or thousands on their premium each year.

Did you know that the administrative costs on a US$5 claim are very similar to processing a US$5,000 claim? 

It is somewhere between US$80 and US$150.

Reducing these small claims makes a big impact on the costs of providing insurance.

Our members are rewarded with a discount for each year that they are not reimbursed for a claim. This is how it works:

No Claims Period

Percentage discount on standard rate

1 year 10%
2 years 20%
3 years 30%
4 years 40%
5 years 50%

Here is a real example from one of our members.

Brad and his family are serving in Cambodia, and have been members since 2013. Between 2013 and 2020, Brad and his family saved US$5,206 through the NCB.

We have hundreds of members on a 50% discount.  Why not see what we can do for you?