Group Benefits

At Talent Trust, we know that every group is different

– and that’s how it should be! Our depth and breadth of experience mean we fully understand missions and can offer unique solutions to your specific situation.

At heart, we are a ministry, allowing us to offer both capability and a level of care not found elsewhere. This means, no matter where in the world your missionaries are or what crisis they are facing, you’ll feel secure that they are well looked after.

The benefits of having all your group with Talent Trust include:

  • One person to work with towards a solution for the group
  • One contract to provide clarity of cover
  • Peace of mind that all your members are appropriately insured
  • Easier management at renewal to ensure your members are best served

Talent Trust works well with groups, offering:

  • Group Introductory Discounts
    3-10 members: 20% discount
    11 members or more: 30% discount
  • Flexible cover and conditions
  • Flexible payment terms
  • A dedicated Talent Trust account manager who provides expertise and serves alongside your ministry
  • Admin support from our experienced team to ensure everything is ready for sign up and renewal dates
  • Exclusive services that enable more comprehensive member care
If you have questions about your group, please email us, and we will get right back to you [email protected]
Our missionary medical insurance members doing life with their local communities

We have over 1300 crew and volunteers serve on our ships every year.  Talent Trust provides Mercy Ships with a unique solution based on trust that saves us 100s of hours in admin and compliance. 

 I highly recommend Talent Trust for the unique demands of ministries involving ships.

Angie and friends holding hands and smiling

Mercy Ships

Extra Care and Support

These comprehensive services are included for free with our plans. They are designed to help our members stay safe, keep well, and keep costs down.

The team, ready to serve alongside missionaries by providing the best worldwide health insurance

Our Team

At Talent Trust, our mission is to support missionaries so that they can thrive in the field. Our team has unparalleled experience and knowledge to deliver, with a heart to serve. We offer a unique service over and above that which a broker or a traditional insurance company could provide.


The WorldAware service provides a comprehensive level of security advice, information and support, including kidnapping negotiation and natural disaster & political evacuations.

Map with hot spots linked to program to help missionaries stay safe and well globally
Missionary with child on a video call to a doctor, this is free with our international medical insurance

vHealth Worldwide

vHealth Worldwide is a 24/7 service that connects you to a European based family doctor from anywhere in the world for free. Using a mobile app, you can speak on the phone or video call a vHealth Worldwide doctor whenever and wherever you need it.

Member Assistance Program (MAP)

The Talent Trust MAP brings together licensed mental health therapists, family counselors, leadership and development coaches, and a host of other services to help you and your family thrive both in daily life, as well as through a crisis.

Missionary, kids and sunflowers, linked to Program helping missionaries stay in the field longer
A woman sitting on a mountain looking at her phone wondering if she has health insurance


This interactive, personalized app helps your members address and self-manage depression, anxiety, stress and more.

Mercy Fund

We know life can be complicated, so we tithe 10% of our income into a discretionary Mercy Fund, to cover things that fall outside of the scope of our insurance policies.

Children having fun by the beach, linked to our Program helping missionaries with their finances

If you have questions about your group, please email us, and we will get right back to you.

[email protected]