The Outreach Plan

Designed for missionary trips from a few days, up to 11 months

The Outreach Plan covers emergency medical expenses, cancellation/interruption costs, personal property and money losses while you are away from home. The cover exceeds international visa requirements for entry, including for the Schengen Area.

The Table of Benefits

All amounts are shown in US Dollars

Policy limit$1,500,000
Emergency medical evacuation
Medical expenses
Pandemic cover
Video/Telemedicine  Available GloballyFree 24/7 Unlimited Usage
Additional cover for up to 6 months after the policy in the event that member is unable to return home due to illness or injury.
Journey continuation or costs to return home – additional travel and accommodation costs$2,500
Terrorism medical cover
Funeral, cremation, return of mortal remains$15,000
Local ground ambulance
Auto or motorcycle accidents
Unrecoverable costs for cancellation before or during trip$1,500
Loss or damage of personal property$1,000
Loss or theft of personal money$500
  Covered in full subject to policy excess and coinsurance where applicable.
Note: Travel insurance is not suitable for long-term career missionaries. See Travel or Private Medical Insurance.

Feel secure and protected with a Talent Trust Insurance Plan

These comprehensive services are included for free with our plans.

Designed with extra resources to stay physically, mentally, and financially healthy, so you can thrive as long as needed in your calling.


EAP Expat Assistance Program

Access therapists, counselors, coaches, lawyers and many other services to help you thrive in the field.


No Claims Bonus

We reward our members for staying healthy, which helps us to keep our prices down.

RightNow Media-hd

RightNow Media

A faith-based video library designed to help you thrive in every area of life.


TT Gives Back

We support members and their missions by giving back a portion of our income


TT Mercy Fund

We tithe 10% of our income into a discretionary Mercy Fund to cover things that fall outside of scope of our insurance policies.


TT Referral Bonus

We reward our members when they tell their long-term friends about what we do.


Virtual Healthcare

Connect with an approved doctor 24×7. Whenever and wherever you need it.



Global security advice, planning and alerting.


Your Team

Our mission is to support missionaries so they can thrive in the field. We offer more than a broker or a traditional insurance company.

At Talent Trust we want missionaries to be their best, so we provide resources that any missionary can access for free to help them and their ministry.

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Thrive Together

Group coaching on topics such as navigating transitions, language learning, support raising, and more.



Maintain and improve your fitness – so you can bring more of yourself to your ministry.

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A group huddle of floorball players linked to our travel medical insurance's no claims bonus benefit

No Claims Bonus

At Talent Trust, we reward our members for staying healthy, which helps us to keep our premiums down.  See how you can save up to 50% of your premium.

Our private medical insurance policyholder and child planting a tree, linked to our gives back benefit

Talent Trust Gives Back

We support members and their missions by giving back a portion of our income.
Missionary couple talking about our health insurance's referral bonus while walking through the countryside

Referral Program

Rather than spending lots of money on advertising campaigns to help others find our services, we prefer to give that money to our members when they tell their friends about what we do.

The team, ready to serve alongside missionaries by providing the best worldwide health insurance

Our Team

It’s our privilege and joy to support missionaries with our unique service so that they can thrive in the field.  Our team has unparalleled experience and knowledge, with a heart to serve. 

A woman sitting on a mountain looking at her phone wondering if she has health insurance


myStrength is an online tool, free with all of our policies, to help you live your best life. You will find help for stress, anxiety, chronic pain and more. 

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Mercy Fund

We know life can be complicated, so we tithe 10% of our income into a discretionary Mercy Fund to cover things that fall outside of the scope of our insurance policies.

Which plan fits your needs?

Choose Your Territory

Plan 1:  Worldwide, excluding the United States and a member’s country of residence.

Plan 2:  Worldwide, including the United States and a member’s country of residence.

All prices are in US Dollars.

Standard Pricing for ages 17-64

DurationPlan 1Plan 2
Max Daily Rate up to 1 Month
Max Daily Rate over 1 Month
Policy Minimum$12.50$53.00
1 Month$53.00$131.00
2 Months$98.00$241.00
3 Months$140.00$347.00
4 Months$185.00$458.00
5 Months$231.00$571.00
6 Months$278.00$688.00
7 Months$330.00$811.00
8 Months$371.00$920.00
9 Months$419.00$1,036.00
10 Months$461.00$1,148.00
11 Months$514.00$1,270.00

Membership Fee per adult:
1 month or less $2.
1-3 months $5.
More than 3 months $10.

Pricing for ages 0-16 and over 65.

0-16$1.5 MillionStandard pricing / 2
65 – 69$1.5 MillionStandard x 2
70 – 79$100KStandard x 2
80 & Over$50KStandard x 2

Group Discounts:

For teams of
10 or more members … 15%.
20 or more members … 25%.
40 or more members … 35%.

Additional Options

All prices are quoted in US$

Follow-Me-Home Option (for Plan 1)

This option is for members serving near their home country. It extends the medical benefit to cover up to $50,000 or thirty (30) days (whichever comes first) should a member be evacuated to his/her home country (being the nearest country with appropriate medical facilities to the place of incident) during a medical emergency.

Note: Without this option, should a Plan 1 member be evacuated to his/her country of domicile or country of residence, all medical treatment costs incurred would become the member’s own responsibility.

Pricing: $35 per person

US Transit Option (for Plan 1)

Normally Outreach Plan 1 will not cover expenses that arise within the United States. This option is intended for members who have to travel in transit through an airport that is within the USA to a destination that is outside of the United States. It will cover medical expenses that arise as a result of an accident or an emergency, which requires the member to seek treatment while temporarily travelling inside the United States, where the medical condition did not exist prior to travel and the member was treatment-, symptom- and advice- free.

Pricing: $15 per person

Zero Excess (for Plan 1 or 2)

To waive the excess of $50 for each claim outside the USA and $100 for each claim inside the USA.

Premium Cost: Please contact us for rates.

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