Missionary Insurance and much more

You have a calling. We want to help you fulfill it.

A missionary life may include severe trials, and we all need help sometimes. Our insurance plans include expert services for your long-term physical, mental & financial wellbeing. We believe you should be able to thrive in the field for as long as you need to be there and have the resources to effectively carry out your calling.

We do not just offer generic expatriate plans like an insurance broker. We have tailored our own plans to the needs of missionaries. Serving 60,000+ missionaries in 180+ countries since 1991 has given us the experience and knowledge to know what missionaries need.

In addition, we keep our costs down and subsidize our member’s premiums, so that more money stays in missions.

We have partnered with Aetna to help us meet the needs of missionaries, but these plans are only available through Talent Trust and our approved broker.

A missionary, covered by our international medical insurance is explaining human anatomy while on a mission

Choose a Plan

Alpha Plan

Ideal for non-American Missionaries serving 1 or more years outside the USA.

Our international medical insurance members receiving gifts from local school kids

Program Highlights

    Pandemic & Terrorism
    US$1 million annual limit
    Emergency evacuation
    Global security alerts
    Video access to Approved doctors 24×7

Omega Plan

Ideal for Missionaries serving 1 or more years, who require cover in the USA.

A missionary telling a story in Cambodia

Program Highlights

     Pandemic & Terrorism
    US$1 million annual limit
    Emergency evacuation
    Global security alerts
    Video access to Approved doctors 24×7

Outreach Plan

Ideal for short-term mission trips up to 11 months.

Local kids giving our missionary insurance member the thumbs up after some fun and games

Program Highlights

     Pandemic & Terrorism
    US$1 million annual limit
    Emergency evacuation
    Global security alerts
    Video access to Approved doctors 24×7

Group Insurance

Exceptional benefits help you provide more complete member care. Our team reduces your effort. We’ll help you keep costs down and even manage claims for your members.

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Extra Care and Support

These comprehensive services are included for free with our plans. They are designed to help our members stay safe, keep well, and keep costs down.

Missionary, kids and sunflowers, linked to Program helping missionaries stay in the field longer

Member Assistance Program

Talent Trust’s MAP brings together a host of services to help you and your family thrive in daily life, as well as through a crisis. This is free with all of our plans.

Map with hot spots linked to program to help missionaries stay safe and well globally


Access a global intelligence service providing security advice and assistance, including on-the-ground support for emergency travel and situations affecting personal safety. This is free with all of our plans.

Missionary with child video calling a doctor on the vHealth app, available with our international medical insurance

vHealth Worldwide

vHealth Worldwide is a 24/7 virtual health service that connects you to a qualified doctor remotely via mobile phone, tablet or laptop, from anywhere in the world. This is free with all of our plans.

A group huddle of floorball players linked to our travel medical insurance's no claims bonus benefit

No Claims Bonus

At Talent Trust, we reward our members for staying healthy, which helps us to keep our premiums down.  See how you can save up to 50% of your premium.

Our private medical insurance policyholder and child planting a tree, linked to our gives back benefit

Talent Trust Gives Back

We support members and their missions by giving back a portion of our income.
Missionary couple talking about our health insurance's referral bonus while walking through the countryside

Referral Program

Rather than spending lots of money on advertising campaigns to help others find our services, we prefer to give that money to our members when they tell their friends about what we do.

The team, ready to serve alongside missionaries by providing the best worldwide health insurance

Our Team

It’s our privilege and joy to support missionaries with our unique service so that they can thrive in the field.  Our team has unparalleled experience and knowledge, with a heart to serve. 

A woman sitting on a mountain looking at her phone wondering if she has health insurance


myStrength is an online tool, free with all of our policies, to help you live your best life. You will find help for stress, anxiety, chronic pain and more. 

Children playing at the beach, linked to our Program helping missionaries with their finances

Mercy Fund

We know life can be complicated, so we tithe 10% of our income into a discretionary Mercy Fund to cover things that fall outside of the scope of our insurance policies.