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Nathan giphy

I grew up with Talent Trust around me, I know its history, and I feel well placed to take it into the future.

God has given me the vision to develop Talent Trust to be something that enables missionaries to be healthy in every way so that they can most effectively fulfill their calling.

I love to help others meet their potential. Two of my strengths are hospitality and helping others to network by connecting others who have similar interests or complementary skills.

With Talent Trust, I know I am working for the long-term to leave a legacy that will be supporting missionaries long after I am gone.

Food – Iberico Pork Ribs

Dessert – Sticky Toffee Pudding (with custard)

Place – Countryside and small towns of Tuscany

Book – The Wheel of Time series

Movie – The Shawshank Redemption

Car – Donkervoort D8 GTO-40

Animal - Dogs; or cats that act like dogs.

Accomplishment – I have run and finished two Spartan Ultras, and was invited to participate in the World Championships in 2020.

Thing to do with friends – Trail Running

Nathan Lyon


Pansy giphy 7

I joined Talent Trust in 2005. Over the years, I have built a solid faith in Talent Trust’s purpose and mission.

I am very passionate about building relationships with our members and I want to be there for them when they face medical challenges in the field. I believe in giving my best at all times and setting an inspirational example to my own children by always putting my best foot forward in just about everything in life.

Food – a good steak

Dessert – flourless orange cake

Place – The Tokyo Starbucks Reserve Roastery

Book – Light at the top of the stairs, Dorothy Martin

Movie – Joker (2019 version)

Car – RED Volkswagen Beetle

Animal - Dogs

Accomplishment – Raising my two children well.

Thing to do with friends – Eat & Drink

Pansy Teh

Head of Customer Success

Charlie giphy 5

I’ve spent 16 fabulous years in this company. I provide technical support, services and solutions, and enable my team to serve missionaries effectively.

I enjoy sharing tech info and helping people solve their tech problems. I love assembling my own gaming rig.

Food – Burgers and Pizzas

Dessert – Crème Caramel

Place – Japan

Book – Rich Dad Poor Dad

Movie – Star Wars

Car – Tesla Model X

Animal - Maltese

Accomplishment – Ability to self-learn and adapt

Thing to do with friends – food hunting

Charlie Ling

Head of IT

image 2 1 giphy 3

Having served with YWAM in Cambodia and Thailand for six years, I know that the right support is critical to being effective when serving in another country. Access to excellent care helps members stay safe physically & mentally and to serve better.

With 25 years of tech sales & marketing experience I help missionaries to get to know us. I am also constantly looking for how we can innovate and improve.

Food – Sushi

Dessert – More sushi instead, please

Place – San Diego

Book – To Kill A Mockingbird

Movie – The Seven Samurai or The Princess Bride

Car – A truck

Animal - Dogs

Accomplishment – amazing wife & kids

Thing to do with friends – hiking, fishing, the beach, the pub

Jon Bowers

Global Development Director

Elaine tenor

I first joined Talent Trust in 2006 and it is truly amazing to have been here for the past 14 years. Working here has helped me to gain so much experience and allowed me to learn more about myself. I have grown more spiritually and in confidence.

My role at Talent Trust is leading a vibrant team that is dedicated to their work and to lift up one another. My joy is working as a team, not just in the office, but having fun as well after our office hours.

I love traveling around the world, shopping, and doing outdoor activities with my colleagues and friends during my free time.

Food – Steak

Dessert – Cheesecake

Place – Lake Louise, Banff

Book – Chris Carter Crime Series

Movie – The Mummy

Car – VW Beetle

Animal - Dogs

Accomplishment – Providing nurturing care to my mother and godchildren. Taking care of their well being always.

Thing to do with friends – Travelling

Elaine Lui

Customer Success Specialist

June giphy 46

I have been with Talent Trust for 6 years and it has been a rewarding experience. I am passionate about motivating people and bring fun and excitement whenever I go. My role is supporting our team in ensuring a smooth work process. It is great working with our dynamic team. Leading an active and outgoing lifestyle is important to me and my hobbies include indoor and outdoor sports, playing music and cooking.

Food – Spicy tomyam noodles

Dessert – Crispy spring rolls

Place – Cinque Terre

Book – Chris Carter book series

Movie – Men of Honor

Car – Nissan GT-R R35

Animal - Dolphin

Accomplishment – Angel of Talent Trust

Thing to do with friends – Exercise

June Koe

Customer Success Assistant

Sandro edited image1

I’m Brazilian so I feel happy that I can speak to our members in Portuguese when they don’t speak English.

I’ve experienced being a missionary overseas and know what it’s like to need insurance when a medical condition arises. My personal experience has shown it makes a big difference in missionary work when you are covered.

The Talent Trust team gives their best every day in serving each of our members. We are all serving the same Father.

When I can serve others to accomplish their goals, I feel good knowing I am part of a ministry spreading good news all over the world.

I like movies, reading, taking photos and playing guitar and video games.

Food – Churrasco ( Brazilian barbecue)

Dessert – pudding

Place – beach

Book – Conselheiro Capaz (Able Counselor.)

Movie – The Avengers

Car – mustang

Animal - Dogs

Accomplishment – Be better every day

Thing to do with friends – play soccer.


Customer Success Specialist (Brazil)

Mandy tenor 1

I joined Talent Trust in 2017. What motivates me every day is knowing that I can be a “partner” to our members, professional yet with a personal touch, always having our members’ best interest in mind. I have had happy and satisfied members telling me they appreciated my personalized and efficient services. They feel assured knowing that they are protected by one of the best insurance companies and supported by an efficient team as they bring God’s love and truth to the nations.

Food – Japanese

Dessert – cakes and milk tea

Place – beach, cafes

Book – all kinds

Movie – comedy and musical

Car – Honda Jazz

Animal - alpaca

Accomplishment – Hiked snowy Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, the return trip took me 9 hours.

Thing to do with friends – chatting and laughing

Mandy Yeap

Customer Success Specialist

Mabel giphy 2

I joined Talent Trust in 2019. It brings me joy to be able to support missionaries and ministries from all over the world. I always believe in doing ordinary things with extraordinary love, because we were birthed from and for extraordinary love. I hope to be able to bring this essence when it comes to serving our members.

In my free time you can find me on Netflix, reading or dancing to the tune playing at the back of my head.

Food – Chawanmushi (Japanese egg custard dish)

Dessert – Moist dark chocolate cake

Place – Home

Book – The Road Back to You

Movie – Shutter Island

Car – Mercedes GLC

Animal - Penguin / Ducks

Accomplishment – I used to sell luxury properties in Malaysia. I had the third highest sales within my company for the whole of Malaysia.

Thing to do with friends – Travel / Games night

Mabel James

Customer Success Specialist

Gladys giphy 4

Since joining Talent Trust I can finally see how my service to others can be an act of worship unto God. Working in Talent Trust has been fun and fulfilling. My teammates are very supportive and have been role models in serving with passion and excellence.

Food – Japanese

Dessert – frozen yoghurt / ice cream

Place – under a starry night

Book – The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Movie – Inception, Parasite, A Quiet Place, Movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Extraction.

Car – Mini Cooper

Animal - ALL dogs (I don’t discriminate)

Thing to do with friends – Sleepover Party / Travel / Binge watch Korean dramas

Gladys Ho

Customer Success Specialist

Caleb giphy 1

I joined Talent Trust at the end of 2018 and it’s been a fantastic experience. I believe in wearing many hats, but if I had to choose two, I would say that I do marketing and am part of the communications team here at Talent Trust. Dabbling in these two fields helps me understand my members’ unique needs and enables me to come up with creative ways to meet said needs. I love the outdoors and my longest hike lasted for 13 hours.

Food – Sam Gyup Sal (bbq Korean pork belly)

Dessert – Biscoff Cheesecakes

Place – when in doubt, go to the beach

Book – To Kill A Mockingbird is a good classic

Movie – A Walk To Remember

Car – none

Animal - Wolves and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels !

Accomplishment – I managed to train both my dog and my neighbor’s kid to ‘sit’, ‘beg’ and ‘roll-over’ at the same time. The dog was the better student.

Thing to do with friends – Nothing beats an ice cold one under the stars

Caleb Yeoh

Customer Success Specialist

image tenor 2

I joined Talent Trust in 2017 and my role is to provide IT support to the team, as well as liaise with insurers’ policy service team.

Occasionally I like to make coffee and share it with colleagues, as it allows us to take a short break and refresh our mind.

The passionate spirit and teamwork in the office has always inspired me to strive to do better.

I love to hang out with friends for coffee and sports, but also love to enjoy music at home.

Food – Penang street foods

Dessert – cheesecake, ice cream

Place – hills

Book – See You At The Top, Leadership Gold

Movie – The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars

Car – Toyota AE 86

Animal - cat, dog

Accomplishment – serving in a youth organization for nearly 20 years

Thing to do with friends – sports, share ideas, explore new spots for food

Ch’ng Meng Erh

IT Data Specialist

Hans giphy 6

Talent Trust is a tremendous place to work and grow one’s talent.

My job requires me to focus on things IT related. Everything from fixing PC’s, to coding websites, to helping my teammates with all their IT related issues.

I believe in the mission of the company to provide missionaries with insurance to spread the word of God throughout the world.

I also love it when I’ve managed to solve my teammate’s IT issues and allowed them to go back to work.

I love to travel and plan out travel itineraries.

Food – Char Koay Teow

Dessert – Ice Cream

Place – Penang Island

Book – Robinson Crusoe

Movie – Star Wars

Car – Nissan Skyline

Animal - Dogs

Accomplishment – Managed to raise SGD3mil in my previous job in a boutique Private Equity House.

Thing to do with friends – Watch movies, snooker, hiking, badminton.

Hansheung Cheah

IT Executive

nancy4 nancy

I provide back-office administrative support at Talent Trust.

My role enables our Customer Success team to focus better on our members’ needs.

I've got a special talent of winning those claw machine games that you find at amusement centers. I have a large collection of toys and prizes, and I love to share these with others to bring them joy.

I also love meeting new friends from around the world.

I am fun, loving, and helpful.

Food – sandwich (Subway, BMT)

Dessert – chocolate

Place – Penang

Book – none

Movie – Mulan

Car – Honda

Animal - Dwarf Hamster

Accomplishment – Shared good news to deaf people

Thing to do with friends – chatting and helping guide them on tour around Penang.

Nancy Ling


Florence. giphy 8

My background is in high-tech manufacturing, where I was involved in developing operating procedures, troubleshooting, and managing projects. Fourteen years of work experience help me to anticipate problems before they occur and create effective solutions for our members.

I count it a privilege and joy to serve God's chosen ones as they bring His light to the nations!

Food – Enjoy all kinds of good food

Dessert – Ice-cream

Place – Seaside

Book – God is my CEO (just started reading 😊)

Movie – Chinese drama

Car – Audi

Animal - Panda

Accomplishment – Invested in my nephew’s formative years; developed a special bond with him. He is “my son” - truly a gift from God! 😊

Thing to do with friends – Eat, relax & chit-chat

Florence Low

Customer Success Associate

James Looi 2021.03.15 07.53.16 2 tenor 3

As a Customer Success Associate at Talent Trust – I’m a rare thorn among the roses! I bring with me 17 years of banking experience and 10 years as a youth worker, to serve and support members from diverse backgrounds in the mission field. I’m passionate about God’s Word; using it as the very foundation to grow and develop people in leadership, character building, team dynamics, and a holistic approach to life. I would like to believe that I’ve mutant powers – somewhat like Wolverine in the X-men!

Food – Italian

Dessert – Ice-cream & coffee

Place – My Home

Book – The Bible

Movie – All Marvel shows, especially the X-men series

Car – Any simple car will do

Animal - Dogs

Accomplishment – Serving full time as a youth worker for 10years

Thing to do with friends – Chilling out with coffee

James Looi

Customer Success Associate

Andrew Chan Picture 1 Andrew Chan Meme

Talent Trust has given me an opportunity to serve God by supporting people on the missions field. In addition to writing and speaking with members, I also have a back ground in video production, and I’ve had the chance to use this with many of the videos and animations that we’ve created.

Something that I have found inspirational is Kobe Bryant’s ‘Mamba Mentality’. It is a mindset for constant self-improvement in the pursuit of your highest potential in life or in Kobe’s own words, ‘to be able to constantly try to be the best version of yourself’.

Food – Sushi and Sashimi

Dessert – Bubble Tea

Place – Japan / Basketball Court

Book – Naruto (a Manga novel)

Movie – Coach Carter

Car – Nissan GT-R

Animal - Dogs

Accomplishment – Marrying my wife is my biggest accomplishment.

Thing to do with friends – Travelling

Andrew Chan

Customer Success Associate

Clarice James Picture Clarice James Meme

I love that a key part of my role is to build relationships with people so that I can support them as well as possible. I am learning to put myself in other’s shoes so that I can best understand their perspective and their needs.

I am always encouraged to receive emails of appreciation when I have done this well. I hope that by supporting our members in this way I can help them be the best missionaries they can be, and reach more people for Jesus.

Food – Japanese and Korean food

Dessert – Shaved ice

Place – Beach

Book – The Joy Luck Club

Movie – The Parent Trap

Car – Range Rover

Animal - Dogs

Accomplishment – One of my childhood dreams was to be a professional diving athlete. Turns out, I am really scared of heights though!

Thing to do with friends – Have a feast!

Clarice James

Customer Success Associate

Sarah Khoo Picture Sarah Jho Meme

I love putting a smile on people's face (be it making a joke or doing something extra for them) because we never know the battles they are fighting. If a smile can make them feel better, it's worth going that extra mile.

I believe that if you are not doing what you love, then you are wasting your time. It is so important to do what you love and love what you do!

I count myself very blessed to be given the opportunity to serve and love His people.

I am a relentless problem-solver and I love helping people find the best solution for the challenges that they face.

I want to see the world, "I haven't been everywhere but it's on my list"

Food – Thai Food

Dessert – Belgian Chocolate ice-cream from Haagen Daaz

Place – Anywhere with sun, sand, sea & snow!

Book – Cheque book? Ha ha, just joking

Movie – Crazy Rich Asians

Car – Range Rover Velar (Firenze Red)

Animal - Tiger

Accomplishment – Married the kindest husband and popped out the cutest children 🙂

Thing to do with friends – Chill, Eat, Talk, Repeat.

Sarah Khoo

Customer Success Associate

Andrew Greenplate Picture Andrew Greenplate Meme

I’m from the USA, and served as a missionary in western China for 5 years before joining Talent Trust. I faced some of the difficulties cross-cultural workers deal with. The reality of cross-cultural living can mean feeling isolated, misunderstood, and not knowing where to start to get the help or answers you need.

I run the FiTT and Thrive Together programs, which Talent Trust developed as a solution to some of these problems, such as feeling isolated, and having an understanding support network.

It is exciting to see how we can help others to stay healthy and fit on the field, and grow in the skills necessary to accomplish the calling God has given them.

I’m passionate to see nations discipled, and God’s people raised up to their full potential, influencing their nations in all areas of society.

Food – Steak

Dessert – Ice cream

Place – New Zealand

Book – The Book That Made Your World

Movie – Star Wars

Car – 1984 Land Cruiser BJ60

Animal - Chameleon

Accomplishment – Creating and launching the Discipleship Bible School which now operates in 100 locations around the world.

Thing to do with friends – Board Games, Canoeing, Hiking.

Andrew Greenplate

FiTT and Thrive Together Program Manager

Sarah Thum Picture Sarah Thum Meme

My role is to support the customer success team and missionaries globally. It’s such a privilege to provide missionaries with the resources to stay physically, mentally, and financially healthy, so they can thrive as long as needed in their calling. I’m learning how to be a better leader and colleague.

I’ve always lived by “If it doesn’t kill you, it only makes you stronger”. Tenacious and always striving for excellence, I am also very passionate about God! I always remember to always put Him first in everything. I love being around people and getting to know them better, working at Talent Trust definitely allows me to do that.

An adrenaline junkie, I once bungee jumped in New Zealand and would love to return to skydive.

Food – Korean BBQ

Dessert – Portuguese egg tart

Place – South Korea

Book – Where Rainbows End

Movie – Encanto

Car – Ferrari Purosangue

Animal - Dogs

Accomplishment – Giving birth to 2 healthy daughters.

Thing to do with friends – Talk and eat all night 🙂

Sarah Thum

Customer Success Supervisor