Keeping you safe with security advice and assistance

The challenges of mission life can limit the impact of a missionary’s ministry.

Talent Trust provides missionaries with resources to stay physically, mentally, and financially healthy, so they can thrive as long as needed in their calling.

SecuriTT gives you the confidence and readiness to operate globally and securely. Know about travel, safety, security, and health incidents worldwide.

SecuriTT has partnered with Crisis24 to provide a wide range of complimentary security advice and assistance services designed to help protect you.

In the SecuriTT guide, you will find the benefits that are included in your insurance policy.

  • Country Intelligence
  • Security alerts
  • Email updates
  • Access to Security Analyst
  • 24/7 Hotline
  • Political Evacuation and Natural Disaster evacuation — Added cost option for groups only
  • How Members can prepare for a crisis

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Talent Trust can also provide evacuation cover from Political Instability and Natural Disasters for groups.




Political Emergencies and Natural Disaster evacuations (PEND) is our fully indemnified evacuation service.
PEND is an additional cost option for groups. Please contact Talent Trust for a quote.
When it comes to crisis management and evacuations, we’re here to ensure the safety and security of your people by providing a rapid response in circumstances where government and infrastructure, overwhelmed by disaster or unrest, may have ceased to function effectively. Our global network of in-country support is highly experienced and works in conjunction with our UK-based 24/7 Global Operations Centre, as well as your nominated representatives to ensure a swift and successful resolution.

What is PEND?

Our PEND service provides:

  • On-the-ground assistance and evacuation for groups and individuals
  • Coverage for a wide range of political emergencies including wars, civil unrest, rebellions, riots and terrorism; plus evacuation from areas touched by natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis
  • Access to our highly experienced in-house crisis management, emergency response experts and security analysts
  • A network of local in-country emergency response teams and security professionals delivering a trusted, reassuring service in emergency situations throughout the world

Benefits of PEND

Ensure the Safe Return of Your People
Situations can change quickly and anything from war and terrorism to a natural disaster could mean your people need to leave a region quickly. Our comprehensive evacuation and repatriation service is carried out with world-leading security expertise, ensuring the safe return of your people from trouble spots around the world.
24/7 Support from Security Specialists
The world can change in an instant. Our specialist teams are dedicated to providing your travelers with 24/7 emergency and crisis support during incidents or periods of heightened insecurity. Whether it’s night or day, our in-country experts and Global Operations Centre will work to provide a trusted and reassuring service during a crisis.
Comprehensive Service at a Low Cost
In the event of an evacuation, costs can spiral. Our service covers all necessary expenses of an emergency evacuation with no additional outlay from your end. This includes transport and escort to the nearest ‘safe haven’, relocation home, cover for personal effects, personal accident and return of mortal remains in the event of a death. PEND is costed on a per trip/per head basis, providing peace of mind at an extremely low cost.
We’re Proven Crisis Management Experts
Your travelers can rely on our experienced teams to extract them from emergency situations if their safety is compromised. We’ve delivered proven risk, security and crisis management solutions to leading international organizations and are recognized experts in providing a highly responsive and proactive resource in challenging and demanding situations.

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