EAP Expat Assistance Program

When you are at your best, your ministry flourishes too.
However, difficulties of life overseas, juggling ministry & family pressures, and other stressors can leave you feeling like you are barely surviving, let alone thriving.

Our Expat Assistance Program (EAP) can help!

We bring together the best of corporate Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) – traditionally offered by businesses to help employees deal with personal work-related issues that may negatively impact work performance, health and general well-being overseas. And this forms the basis for a more comprehensive and tailored service for missionaries.

As part of our EAP, you can access assessment, referrals, and treatment by licensed mental health therapists, counselors, and leadership coaches. A host of other services are also offered, such as help with cross-cultural and ministry situations, which can support you through a crisis as well as simply ensure you and your family blossom in everyday life.

Our EAP is free to all Talent Trust members. We hope you’ll use it to flourish in life and serve your ministry even better.

The EAP provides services tailored to the needs of our missionary members, such as help dealing with cross-cultural situations, and help with life and ministry situations. Other examples include:

  • Dealing with a difficult co-worker 
  • Coaching for a new role
  • Getting healthy sleep
  • Marriage guidance & counseling
  • Stress & anxiety relieving therapy
  • Looking for autism testing for a young child
  • Career missionary concerned about elder care for aging parent
  • Legal advice in a family dispute