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We understand that there may be doubts and questions in regards of the need of a good premium coverage. Let us answer them for you.

Why do I need medical insurance?

"Insurance coverage helps meet our responsibility to family, financially and emotionally."

Everyone needs a way to protect themselves from today’s crippling medical treatment costs. Insurance coverage not only helps meet our responsibility to family, but also protects us while serving overseas on the mission field. In the past, we have seen the burden of uninsured claims lead to ministries having to be shut down simply because the team could no longer meet a local hospital’s legally enforced demands for payment. Our insurance programs could have easily prevented that from happening as our underwriters’ Guarantee of Payment is acceptable throughout the world.

Are TTc's premiums fair and reasonable?

"We do not cost compare our competitors, we just provide the best deal we can. " We recognise that due to unique circumstances (access to national health service, or access to other coverage for existing conditions) sometimes our products may not be the best product for everyone. Our aim is not to insure everyone, but provide the best product for as many people as possible.

Why should I enroll with Talent Trust?

"Simply put, there is no better program available with similar benefits."

For those serving overseas the only alternative is travel insurance, which, by its very nature, falls short when it comes to covering a claim after its first year (travel cover, being separate annual policies, means that any previous medical condition or claim is automatically classified and rejected as pre-existing). Likewise, for home-based church workers, our wonderful premium cost advantage is an obvious incentive; one that puts good medical coverage back within financial reach.

A final benefit of note of joining TTc is that we also have our own Ministry Fund that helps meet claims which fall outside the rules of the legal contract with Aetna, but are within the spirit of our ministry.

We at TTc are passionate in serving those who serves others. While every individual and every mission may have different needs, we look forward to be the one taking care of your worries.

For more information on the types of premium coverage TTc offers, please click here

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