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  TTc is an affinity group, the cornerstone of our ministry, whereby its members have influence over the development of future products and services. A Stewardship Board, drawn from members, prayerfully seeks the Lord’s will on all matters (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Our Objectives

The objective of the Group is to support the furtherance of Christian mission or church work around the world; utilizing the combined strength of membership to provide facilities and benefits otherwise unavailable through price, accessibility or availability to an individual.

  To represent the interests of its members both collectively and individually in negotiations with any or all products or facilities, whether financial, insurance, information or service based.

  To utilise the collective power of the Group to negotiate terms and benefits to better serve and assist its members in the furtherance of Christian mission and church work.

  To protect and promote the interests of church and/or mission organisations.

  To provide both educational and informative facilities to Group members, especially pertaining to mission or church work outside their country of domicile.

  To provide directly or indirectly financial services to members including, but not limited to, financial advice or insurance, for the sole purpose of assisting and completing mission and/or church work.


  The right to admit any candidate for membership in the Group shall be vested with the principals of Talent Trust Consultants whose decision shall be final.

  All members must concur with the common principal to act for the universal good and betterment of all members within the group.


The annual membership subscription shall be determined by Talent Trust Consultants and shall be payable in advance, unless otherwise agreed.

As of May 2006, the annual membership subscription has been set at US$20 per individual member, couple or family unit.

Membership Period

The period of membership shall be annual, with a subscription payable on each renewal date of the Membership Period.
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