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Our experience has shown that in missions there is a need for two types of medical insurance program.


Long Term – 12 months or more

Alpha Program

A worldwide private medical program that provides limited emergency coverage within the United States – ideal for any non-American serving outside of the United States.
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Omega Program

Designed for American 'career' mission or church workers who seek healthcare protection at home or abroad.
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Short Term – Less than 12 months

Outreach Program

For those travelling overseas who want quality yet cost-effective health and travel insurance anywhere in the world.
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All our insurance policies are fully underwritten by Aetna International.


Important: Please note that all short-term travel policies are designed to treat emergency medical conditions while overseas and then return a member to their own home country, where either their government funded health service or a home country’s long-term private medical policy can take over. This is fine for a member who is going overseas for less than a year and has no intention of becoming a career missionary. However, it should be noted that for extended periods, this type of policy would leave a big deficiency in their protection as any condition or claim from a previous year would automatically be excluded; being rejected as either ‘pre-existing’ or ‘outside its initial 12-month coverage period’ unlike the continuous coverage provided by a long-term private medical program.

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