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OUTREACH Travel Procedures

In order to ensure that you receive the best possible claims service, the procedures noted below should be followed in the event of treatment being required by you or your dependant. Members are recommended to submit claims via email to claims@talent-trust.com.

Should you have any difficulties with your claim submission or claim process, please contact us and the TTc team will be happy to assist you.

We/Our/Us: Aetna Global Benefits

Travel Claim or prepaid hospitalization claim
(for which the service provider is unable to accept Aetna's direct-settlement arrangement)

Please fill out only the relevant sections of the Travel Claim Form (click HERE to download) and ensure all necessary supporting information is attached ...
  1. Travel tickets (used or unused).
  2. Travel agents' invoice.
  3. Proof of withdrawal for Money/foreign currency claim.
  4. Traveller's checks should be refunded by issuing office, if not provide evidence as to why no refund.
  5. Policy report – showing time and date of loss within 24 hours of loss (money/theft/loss claims).
  6. Carrier report – showing date of loss/delay (baggage claims).
  7. Tradesman's invoice for cost of repair and detail of repair, invoice for replacement item (if applies).
  8. Ticket/accommodation receipts for additional expense (Cancellation/curtailment claims).
  9. Hospital Discharge summary (Medical/Hospital claims).
  10. Carrier report, police report, public transport report showing reason and length of delay.
  11. Please complete the Payment Instructions section of Travel Claim form.
  12. For medical claim, please arrange for doctor to complete the Medical Certificate section of the Travel Claim Form. Also, please include receipts, invoices, copies of any investigation report and pharmacy prescription (if applicable) in claim submission.

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Please comply with Aetna's following basic guidelines while submitting prepaid claims for reimbursement...
  1. Attachments must be in known file format and readable. Our recommended file formats are PDF/JPG or JPEG. Please scan documents in 150 DPI (Dot/Inch) resolutions and compress for 'medium quality JPEG' - This will ensure the reduced file size.
  2. Please send single claim per e-mail. A separate claim form and all supporting documents (AS A SET) must be submitted for each medical condition -and/or- person claimed. Please -DO NOT SEND- one claim in part over different emails.
  3. The maximum size for a single email with attachments should not be larger than 8 MB.
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