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In order to ensure that you receive the best possible claims service, the procedures noted below should be followed in the event of treatment being required by you or your dependant. Should you have any difficulties with your claim submission or claim process, please contact us and the TTc team will be happy to assist you.

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Out-Patient Treatment

Out-patient treatment is treatment received in a doctor's office and does not require admission to a hospital bed.
Outpatient Treatment Inside the USA

Please note that all treatment in the USA must be received at a preferred provider facility. You can find the Provider Network facilities in the USA by clicking HERE or you may call Aetna International Service Centre at their number +1 877 248 2197 (as printed on the membership card) for their assistance. Aetna can arrange direct-settlement for all eligible bills relating to outpatient, day patient and inpatient treatment received at Aetna's preferred provider facilities in the USA. Our members are advised to bring their membership cards (which include the contact number for Aetna International Service Centre) along during their medical appointment and the service provider will contact Aetna concerning the billing or pre-authorisation for high cost outpatient treatment estimated to exceed US$1,000.
Outpatient Treatment Outside the USA

Please settle your bills first and then submit your claim documents (i.e., completed claim form(click HERE to download a copy of claim form), receipts, invoices, copies of any investigation report and pharmacy prescription (if applicable)) to Aetna Claims Team by having your documents scanned and e-mailed to claims@talent-trust.com. If you do not have access to a scanner, you may use a digital camera or a camera phone to take a picture of the documents. It is not normally necessary for you to submit your original documents by post, but it is recommended that you keep these until your claim is settled, in the event that they may need to be seen.

Please comply with Aetna's following basic guidelines while submitting prepaid claims for reimbursement...
  1. Attachments must be in known file format and readable. Our recommended file formats are PDF/JPG or JPEG. Please scan documents in 150 DPI (Dot/Inch) resolutions and compress for 'medium quality JPEG' - This will ensure the reduced file size.
  2. Please send single claim per e-mail. A separate claim form and all supporting documents (AS A SET) must be submitted for each medical condition -and/or- person claimed. Please -DO NOT SEND- one claim in part over different emails.
  3. The maximum size for a single email with attachments should not be larger than 8 MB.
To ensure prompt reimbursement of eligible prepaid claims, please ensure that you submit all necessary claim documents for processing.

Exceptions may be made for high cost outpatient treatment estimated to exceed US$1,000 in that Aetna can look into the possibility of direct-settlement arrangement with the service provider – please refer to "Pre-authorisation for Treatment Outside the USA" .

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  1. Where your treatment has been provided by a registered physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath, homeopath, podiatrist or acupuncturist, please ensure that you also submit a copy of the referral letter from your medical practitioner that confirms your need of such treatment.

  2. Should a member under a long-term program, i.e., Alpha or Omega, make a claim and receive reimbursement, their NCB discount will revert to a level two years below their current level at their next renewal. However, if the reimbursement exceeds US$10,000 (for claims within the USA) or US$25,000 (for claims outside the USA), the NCB discount will drop all the way down to the standard premium, i.e., no discount.
If you have any questions concerning the above or any other aspect of your policy please do not hesitate to contact your local Aetna claims office.


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