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Ashley Hood
Baptist Student Centre

"Thank you so much. I also want to thank you all for covering my recent time in ICU. Because of your cover, I was able to receive prompt care that saved my life. God has completely healed me and I have been given the all clear!
Blessings and in gratefulness."
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United States

Donald Helmer
Leading Edge International

“Your help this year means my eyesight was restored. I would not be working today without your help...”
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Dorothy Kahn
Shepherd's Staff

"You have ministered to me in ways that have touched my heart deeply with God's love and I will always be grateful. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless all of you as you reach out with His love."
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Brian and Nicole Hickory
Quest Ministries

"Thanks for all of your help and support during our time abroad. I can't tell you how much we have been impressed with TTc. We felt very supported and taken care of during our time abroad and really were impressed by your services. We will be recommending you to anyone that we know who will be going abroad as missionaries. Thanks again and hope we can use you again in the future."
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United States

Catherine Cahill-Fabiano
International Convention of Faith Ministries

"I am very thankful and appreciative for the excellence in service and true caring I have experienced from all your staff. I am in the process of treatment for breast cancer. Every step of the way I have had wonderful support and cooperation from the TTc family. You are truly a ministry to those of us who serve the Lord in the mission field."
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Karen Peyroux
ACC International

"I have been very impressed with TTc's personal involvement with our missionaries. Representatives have attended two of our conferences to avail themselves to our missionaries for questions and clarification on their programs. Our missionaries have been reimbursed for most of their claims and their direct billing facilities have been extremely helpful for larger claims. One of our missionary families has also benefited from TTc's own Mercy Fund for serious conditions that were not within the program's scope of cover."
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United States

“We appreciate your service to missionaries, your prompt responses, your ‘can do’ attitude and your premium rates! That is a great combination, out done only by your friendliness in the emails.”
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Tom Hallas
Youth with a Mission

“Talent Trust Consultants has been a faithful servant to YWAM staff for over 14 years. I wholeheartedly commend their service of the best medical insurance package available for YWAM worldwide.”
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Youth with a Mission
"The staff and claims department are helpful when assistance is needed and speedy in settling claims.”
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World Concern
"I knew that the operation would cost a lot of money. But it's very good that I have TTc insurance so I contacted the insurance and had an operation without paying anything in advance as TTc paid directly to the hospital for me."
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Mike Schrage
"We have had several types of medical insurance over our 17 years of missionary service to Kenya and TTc has definitely been our best experience. Our daughter recently had to be medically evacuated to South Africa."
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“In 1996, while in Hanoi, Vietnam, I realised I had a cyst in my right breast. After contacting TTc, I was cleared to go to Bangkok, where, in the best hospital in town, the cyst was removed. In these 9 years my family has been with TTc we have been served very well. I can only recommend them.”
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Scott Walston
Commission to Every Nation

“I’ve heard good comments from those who have had to process medical needs through you. It's hard to stay a ‘ministry’ while having to operate as a business, but there are a few, such as you, who do it.”
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Mike Jacobs
Young Life International

“We have benefited from the TTc healthcare program through having peace of mind in knowing that we have reliable health insurance coverage that we can count on.”
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Lena Wan
New Life Foundation

“In places like Cambodia, there are virtually no health insurance providers at a low cost, so it is indeed a blessing to have you around.”

Hong Kong

William Brown
Jian Hua Foundation

"In 1999, I headed off for a medical check up in Hong Kong, and told my family that I'd be back in a week. I never dreamed that I would not return for two months, and almost did not return at all! Thank the Lord for our health insurance."
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Andy Elliott
“This last year our son was born prematurely and required intensive care for a few days as well as hospitalisation for the first 10 days. The TTc policy proved to be a real blessing for us in a completely unexpected situation.”
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Lori Vernon
Foursquare Missions International

“Just wanted to say what a blessing and encouragement it is to work with TTc. In a time when life was a little overwhelming, and I was certain that I would have to jump through hoops to file our claim, I was pleasantly surprised to learn of your excellent customer service and a very simple claim procedure!”
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Youth with a Mission
“Whenever we’ve had a claim, the people we’ve dealt with have been so good to us and our claims have always been paid so quickly. I didn’t know health insurance could be so pleasant!”
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Bill Gregory
Agape Missionary Alliance

“We want to thank you for the great service and care you have given us over the past years. You are not the normal insurance company. We have felt a ‘family heart caring concern’ every time we have had to contact you with a claim or question. We would love to meet you someday.”
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"Thanks again for your concern. We have never had such a sincerely caring provider before. It is nice to know that we are not just being 'processed', but instead being 'lifted up' when we are ill."
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United States

Rebecca Long
“Thank you! I have had occasion this year to use my insurance and I can tell you I am very pleased with the way claims have been efficiently and quickly handled. Thanks to all for your wonderful service. Blessings upon you!”
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Dr. Carol Lee
“Thank you for your excellent service. You guys have truly taken me to a new level of understanding of what it means to  ‘serve alongside’. Thank you again for your assistance in making a potentially difficult situation easy. You are in my prayers.”


Neil Lessman

“We are amazed and encouraged by TTc. Your service to us is greatly appreciated. I see other American missionaries dying under the weight of $1000/m premiums that are less effective than what we have with you. I praise God and also try to give them the good news.”
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Michael Lyon
Talent Trust Consultants

"Over the past couple of years I have been asked a number of times to tell the story of why I started TTc ..."

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