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Aetna International Member Website Demo

This is a guided tour on how to make effective use of the member website.
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Aetna International Benefits Assistant

A virtual assistant that will explain a few things about submitting/viewing a claim, finding healthcare provider and a few other useful subjects. At the end, it will take you to Member Login Page, please select the button next to "Members on European, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa or Latin American and Caribbean based plans, start here".
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Mobile Apps

Aetna have provided members with a number of mobile apps for activities such as claims submission and tracking and locating international medical providers. To find these apps please go to the place in your phone or tablet that you download your apps, and search for "Aetna".
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Wellness Checkpoint

Wellness Checkpoint is an online tool designed to help you assess and reduce your health risks and help you work towards a healthier overall lifestyle.
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Pharmacy Discounts

Access information about Generic vs Brand name and International Online Pharmacy.
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