myStrength Mobile App

At Talent Trust we know that the challenges of field life are real and take a physical and mental toll on missionaries. To help, we equip our members with the tools to deal with the hardships you might face.


is an interactive, personalized app. It provides a consistent focus on skills with encouragement that can strengthen mental health, including cultivating resilience, managing stress, improving your mood, sleeping better or simply finding daily inspiration.

myStrength is based on clinical models like cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, positive psychology, mindfulness, and motivational interviewing – proven interventions that have helped millions improve and sustain their well-being. The app has been shown to be 83% as effective as face-to-face therapy.

Depression – Interactive mood management program teaches Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in an engaging step-by-step approach.  74% of users experience improvement in the severity of their depression.

Anxiety – Based on mindfulness and CBT, this program explores a range of in-the-moment coping skills to reduce panic now, and prevent out-of-control worry in the future.

Stress – Core tenants of positive psychology and mindfulness in a practical context make this a powerful program for handling workplace, ministry or personal stress.

Chronic Pain – Peer-led program teaches strategies for coping with pain, managing opioid use, and creating positive interactions with care teams.

Insomnia – Highly-engaging program based on CBTi, combines interactive tracking and individualized sleep plans to ensure a solid night’s rest.

Additional resources to help with:

  • Those suffering from diabetes
  • Those who need help working on their nutrition

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