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    Level 1 Level 2 Hybrid Level 3 Level 4
  Policy Excess (USA) US$400 US$800 US$5,000 US$2,000 US$4,000
  Policy Excess (Overseas) US$100 US$200 US$100 US$500 US$1,000

    Deductible *
  Deductible (USA) US$1,600        
  Deductible (Overseas) US$400        

* Deductible is available as an alternative to excess and will be applied per insured person per period of cover.

  General Benefits Cover
  Annual Policy Limit US$1 million per insured year
  Emergency Evacuation ticked icon
  Prescribed Drugs ticked icon
  Oncology ticked icon
  Inpatient & Day Patient Hospitalization ticked icon
  Outpatient Care by Medical Practitioner US$5,000 per insured year
  MRI, CT Scan, PET Scan, Echocardiography, Endoscopy & Colonoscopy US$1,000 per examination
  Choice of Hospitals/Doctors USA - Aetna PPO,
Rest of World - Unrestricted
  Terrorist Cover ticked icon
  Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Osteopathy & Podiatry Treatment US$60 per treatment up to 20 sessions.
(Referral letter required from medical practitioner for claim)
  Emergency Room Treatment ticked icon
  Mortal Remains US$15,000
  Well Child Care US$400
  Annual Wellness Check US$400
  Pre-existing Conditions Contact Us
  Normal Pregnancy
(10-month waiting period)
US$10,000 per pregnancy (under Omega Level 2, Hybrid & Deductible),
US$25,000 per pregnancy (under Omega Level 1)
(not available under Omega Level 3 & 4)
  Complications of Pregnancy
(10-month waiting period)
ticked icon
  No Claims Bonus Up to 50% discount
  Additional Travel Expenses
(Following Evacuation)
US$2,500 per person, per evacuation
  Medical Practitioner & Specialist Fees ticked icon
  Hospital Charges ticked icon
  Surgical & Operating Theatre Fees ticked icon
  Surgical Intervention ticked icon
  Organ Transplant US$250,000 per lifetime
  Intensive Care Room US$1,500 per day
  Private Hospital Room US$600 per day
  Rehabilitation 120 days per medical condition
  Home Nursing ticked icon
  Convalescent Care ticked icon
  Hospice Care For the first 30 days
  Accidental Damage to Teeth US$2,500
  Surgical Extraction of Teeth US$2,500
  Newborn Care US$100,000 over 90 days
  Newborn Accommodation ticked icon
  Parent Accommodation ticked icon
  Hospital Cash Benefit US$125 per night, up to 20 nights
  Hormone Replacement Therapy 3 months per lifetime
  Chronic Conditions US$3,000
  Congenital Anomalies US$100,000
  Outpatient Psychiatric Treatment US$5,000
  Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment US$5,000 over 30 days
  Ancillary Expenses US$1,000
  Local Ground Ambulance US$1,500
  Medical Helpline 24-hour (multi-lingual)
  Claims Processing Scan & email
Full access to  
ticked icon

ticked icon  Indicates that benefits will be paid subject to excess/deductible and coinsurance where applicable, and subject to usual reasonable and customary charges.

  General Benefits Cover
  Outpatient Policy Limit US$5,000 per insured year
  Anaesthetist Fees Subject to outpatient limit
  Pathology, Laboratory Tests & X-ray Subject to outpatient limit
  Prescribed Drugs and Dressings Subject to outpatient limit

Normal Maternity Benefit and Complications of Pregnancy are subject to a 10-month waiting period.

Excess: The amount payable by a member for expenses incurred before any benefits are paid by the policy. The excess is applied per medical condition per insured person.

Co-Insurance:For treatment received within the preferred provider network in the USA, members will be liable for the first 20% of any admissible cost up to an annual limit of US$10,000 per insured person per period of cover and also, the first 20% of any admissible cost incurred for Well Child Care and Annual Wellness Check. The coinsurance is applied after any deduction for excess applicable to the policy.

The following benefits are not subject to an excess/deductible and coinsurance:
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Mortal Remains
  • Emergency Transportation
  • Hospital Cash Benefit
The Complications of Pregnancy benefit is not subject to coinsurance.

The following benefits are not subject to an excess/deductible:
  • Well Child Care
  • Wellness Benefit
Note: The above benefit information is not exhaustive. For full details, please click HERE for a copy of the legal wording.


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