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Annual premiums in US$  (effective May 1, 2019 ~ April 30, 2020)

Male & Female Rates

  Age Premium  
  00 - 09 (1) $ 166  
  10 - 18 (1) $ 315  
  19 - 24 (1) $ 315  
  00 - 24 $ 1,214  
  25 - 29 $ 1,251  
  30 - 34 $ 1,306  
  35 - 39 $ 1,383  
  40 - 44 $ 1,478  
  45 - 49 $ 1,644  
  50 - 54 $ 1,892  
  55 - 59 $ 2,156  
  60 - 64 $ 2,930  
  65 - 69 (2) $ 4,373  
  70 - 74 (2) $ 5,253  
  75 - 79 (2) $ 5,885  
  80 - 100 (2) $ 6,374  
  Membership Fee $ 20  

(1) The dependent child premium is only available when a natural or legally adopted unmarried child not more than age 18 (or not more than age 26 if in full-time education and must rely on the parents for support) is covered with at least one parent (the legal guardian) under the same program.

(2) Applicable for renewing member only.

Note 1: All premiums are subject to a BMI of below 30.
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  Options (in addition to the above)

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Pregnancy Cover
Additional Premium of $723* per Policy for US$4,000 option.
Additional Premium of $994* per Policy for US$10,000 option.
Additional Premium of $994* per Policy for US$25,000 option (10% coinsurance applies)

This option covers pregnancy, childbirth and elective caesarean sections, after the first ten months from its purchase date, for any treatment cost associated with normal pregnancy, or any related condition. Members have three options, either a benefit of US$4,000, US$10,000, or US$25,000. The US$25,000 option is subject to 10% coinsurance without limitation.

Note: Premium for Pregnancy Coverage is doubled the standard rates for female members enrolling without spouse.
Chronic Conditions
Additional Premium of $708* per Adult, $240* per Child.

Please note that under the standard program rules, the initial diagnosis of a chronic condition will be covered up to the maximum program limit. All routine management and palliative medical expenses for the chronic condition will be limited to US$3,000 per year after the initial diagnosis. This option increases the benefit for routine management and palliative medical expenses incurred in connection with a chronic condition to US$50,000 per year. Cover is restricted to new medical conditions that have not been previously suffered from, whether or not diagnosed, occurring after the purchase date of this option. Medical expenses are limited to routine check-ups, prescribed drugs and dressing, hospital accommodation, nursing, surgery, renal dialysis and palliative treatment associated with the chronic condition.

The payable benefit is limited up to US$50,000 (with HIV/AIDS coverage limited to US$10,000) per insured person per period of cover, subjected to the policy being maintained throughout the period of a claim.

Note: The option, if purchased, must be applied to all dependants on the policy. Please enquire about rates for those above age 65 years.
Routine Dental Cover
Additional Premium of $203* per Adult, $52* per Child.

Includes examinations and tooth cleaning, normal compound fillings, porcelain crowns and extractions, but excludes root canal treatment, false teeth, denture, corrective, orthodontic or cosmetic treatment carried out by a dental surgeon in a dental surgery; up to US$250 per insured person per period of cover. This cover is subject to a 6-month waiting period.

Note: The option, if purchased, must be applied to all dependants on the policy.
Travel Cover
Additional Premium of $137 per Person.

This is a non medical benefit option that provides straightforward, but effective travel insurance policy that works whilst away from your Home Country and Overseas Country of Residence. Please note that for children, this option is only necessary if the child travels alone.

Cancellation & Curtailment:

Up to US$1,500 reimbursement for unused travel and accommodation costs, should you have to cancel or cut short your projected journey for various reasons.

Luggage, Clothing & Personal Effects:

Up to US$1,000 reimbursement for loss of, or damage to, luggage, clothing and personal effects. The underwriters will, in addition, pay up to US$2,000 in respect of loss of a notebook computer and up to US$300 for the loss of a camera or musical instrument.

Personal Money:

Up to a US$500 reimbursement for the loss of cash, bank or currency notes, traveller's cheques, passports, etc., including reasonable expenses incurred as a result of loss.


The underwriters shall not be liable for the first US$50 of each claim (US$100 in the USA).

Territorial Limits:

Worldwide, excluding a member's Home Country and Normal Country of Residence.
Combination of the above three options
Additional Premium of $928* per Adult, $394* per Child.

Chronic Conditions + Routine Dental + Travel Cover bought all together for a reduced premium.

Extended Compassionate Travel
Additional Premium of $399* per Policy.

This option extends the built-in benefit to provide cover for reasonable travel and accommodation in respect of one insured person per policy necessarily having to travel to and return from the normal Country of Domicile or Country of Residence of a parent who has unexpectedly suffered a life threatening accident, life threatening illness or suffered a sudden death from any condition which did not pre-date the purchase date of this agreement. This is subject to US$1,500 towards the cost of travel per period of cover and limited to no more than 2 claims in any 5-year period.
Term Life Cover
Additional Premium of $ 176 for age 18~49 for US$100,000 option.
Additional Premium of $ 440 for age 18~49 for US$250,000 option.
Additional Premium of $ 352 for age 50~64 for US$50,000 option.
Additional Premium of $ 704 for age 50~64 for US$100,000 option.
Additional Premium of $1,760 for age 50~64 for US$250,000 option.

Life insurance that provides a flat rate pay out to a nominated beneficiary in the event of death.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment
Additional Premium of $74 on top of Term Life Cover.

A lump sum payment in the event that a member loses their life, or a significant body part in an accident. US$100,000 for 18~49-year-olds, and US$50,000 for 50~64-year-olds. This option is only available in conjunction with Term Life Cover.
Personal Accident
Additional Premium of $212 per Adult.

A lump sum payment of US$100,000 in the event of...

1. Accidental Death: US$100,000 or
2. Permanent Total Disablement from usual occupation following Accident: US$100,000 or
3. Loss of and/or loss of use of eyes and/or limbs following Accident: US$100,000

Please be assured that even without this option you would be covered for treatment of injuries sustained in an accident.
Restricted Cover
This option restricts cover to a maximum of 60 days or US$50,000 per insured year (whichever comes first) for emergency cover of new medical condition which first manifested whilst a member is visiting the following countries:

•   All EU countries
•   United Kingdom
•   Switzerland
•   Australia
•   China
•   Hong Kong
•   Israel
•   Japan
•   Russia
•   Singapore
•   The United Arab Emirates

Restricting cover in these high-cost countries reduces the Alpha premiums by 25% from the standard Alpha premiums.

The following discounts on options also apply

•   Pregnancy 5% discount
•   Chronic Conditions 5% discount
•   Routine dental 5% discount
•   Combo option 10% discount
Non-Emergency Travel
Please contact us for rates.

This option will provide the cost of return economy-class travel to the country of the nearest appropriate medical facility, in the event that a member requires inpatient or day patient non-emergency treatment that is unavailable at the member's current location. Subject to written agreement from us, and certified instructions from the attending medical practitioner or specialist including confirmation that the required treatment is unavailable at the place of incident. Limited to US$500 per period of cover (subject to 20% coinsurance).

Emergency travel benefits are included as a standard benefit within the policy.

Note: The option, if purchased, must be applied to all dependants on the policy.
Vision Care Option
Additional Premium of $220 per Person.

The cost of routine eye exam and the purchase of vision hardware, when the member's prescription has changed. Limited to 1 eye exam and a maximum of US$250 per insured person per period of cover. Policy excess does not apply to this benefit.

Note: The option, if purchased, must be applied to all dependants on the policy.

* The premium for this option will be reduced by any No Claims Bonus you have.
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  Talent Trust Gives Back

In 2018 TTc launched an initiative called Talent Trust Gives Back. TTc's aim for this initiative is to combat the ever upwards trend of rising insurance premiums. Each member will directly receive 3% of their previous year's annual premium applied to their renewal premium payment.

No Claims Bonus  

TTc offer a NCB (No Claims Bonus), where a member is rewarded with a discount each year they are not reimbursed for a claim.

1 year no claims   - 10% off the standard rate.
2 years no claims - 20% off the standard rate.
3 years no claims - 30% off the standard rate.
4 years no claims - 40% off the standard rate.
5 years no claims - 50% off the standard rate.

Should a member make a claim and receive reimbursement, they will revert to a level two years below their current level at their next renewal. However, if their reimbursement exceeds US$10,000 (for claims within US) or US$25,000 (for claims outside US) they will drop all the way down to the standard premium, i.e., no discount. Members who make claims may continue to rebuild their discount in subsequent years.

Group Introductory Discounts

3-10 members - 20% discount
10+ members  - 30% discount

When members renew their discounts will follow the NCB structure.
A member is considered to be an adult or a family unit, whether or not they have dependants.

We are also able to offer these introductory discounts where a group has a reasonable expectation of that accumulative number during their initial 12-month period.

If an entire mission joins TTc, other discounts may be available depending on the number of members joining. Please contact us to discuss this. For groups in excess of 20 members it is also possible to provide premiums on a flat structure (Single, Couple, Family, Single Parent Family) if this is required.
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