EMDC has partnered with Talent Trust to provide travel medical insurance for conference participants valid 29 May – 5 June.

The standard cost of Outreach Plan 1 is US$22.00. However, Talent Trust is giving it away for free to the first 100 people. After that, it is US$15/person.

Insurance Sponsorship

EMDC Conference Insurance

If you require additional travel insurance cover, write to [email protected] and be sure to mention EMDC.

If you are serving full-time internationally, click here to see the international health insurance options available for you.
Mention EMDC for a 30% discount.

The challenges of missions life can limit the impact of a missionary’s ministry.

This is why Talent Trust provides missionaries with the resources to stay
physically, mentally, and financially healthy, so you can thrive as long as needed in your calling.

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Extra Care and Support

These comprehensive services are included for free with our plans. They are designed to help our members stay safe, keep well, and keep costs down.

Compass Group-hd

Compass Group Coaching

Group coaching on topics such as navigating transitions, language learning, support raising, and more.



Maintain and improve your fitness – so you can bring more of yourself to your ministry.


Member Assistance Program

Access therapists, counselors, coaches, lawyers and many other services to help you thrive in the field.



Live your best life with less stress, anxiety, chronic pain. Track your health, enjoy activities, and become inspired.


No Claims Bonus

We reward our members for staying healthy, which helps us to keep our prices down.

RightNow Media-hd

RightNow Media @Work

A faith-based video library designed to help you thrive in every area of life.

TT Gives Back

We support members and their missions by giving back a portion of our income


TT Mercy Fund

We tithe 10% of our income into a discretionary Mercy Fund to cover things that fall outside of scope of our insurance policies.

TT Referral Bonus

We reward our members when they tell their long-term friends about what we do.



Connect with an approved doctor 24×7. Whenever and wherever you need it.



Global security advice, planning and alerting.

Your Team

Our mission is to support missionaries so they can thrive in the field. We offer more than a broker or a traditional insurance company.

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