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Please note: Any changes listed in this newsletter will only affect policies that renew after April 30th 2019.


As many of you know, one of TTc's core values is stewardship. This is something that we ask you to consider when looking after your health and when you look at options for treatment. Good stewardship has allowed us to provide an excellent level of care and service while keeping our premiums down. It has also enabled us to build up our Mercy Fund and develop our TTc Gives Back scheme.

In recent years your stewardship has also enabled us to keep our rate increases well below medical inflation rates around the world (Willis Towers Watson estimate Global Medical Inflation in 2018 was 7.2%). This year I am excited to announce that by managing to keep claims down over the past 12 months we are able to implement an unprecedented 1% decrease on our premium rates.

As more of our initiatives to bring costs down come to fruition we are hopeful that we will be able to see more years like this.

An Update on our Mercy Fund

In the last policy year our Mercy Fund was able to give out US$25,736.99 to support our members in their needs.

In April US$2,269 was given to cover the cost of flights for a mother and son to travel to Madrid from Senegal for a medical procedure.

In May US$4,475.50 was given to cover flights for a family to travel from New Zealand to the UK to undergo a potentially life-changing medical procedure.
Red24 acquired by World Aware bringing new benefits to TTc members
The Red24 service that is provided free to all TTc members has recently been acquired by a new organization called World Aware.

With growing levels of insecurity worldwide, many of our members are increasingly aware of potential threats to their personal safety. With the World Aware service members can access expert advice and support, 24/7, remaining secure in the knowledge that if a crisis does happen, a specialist team will be available to help them out.

This story explains how the World Aware team looked after a family in Turkey who were caught up in the attempted military coup of 2016.

Please sign up to this free benefit here to access this world class support, including political evacuations from life threatening situations.
If you haven't already, please remember to sign up to our vHealth service where you can speak to a doctor in a convenient location at any time. In addition to dealing with a medical need, they can also help by talking with you about having a healthy life-style or issues of mental health that you may be experiencing. This service is free, but many can attest to the great value that it brings.
Talent Trust Gives Back
In 2018 we launched Talent Trust Gives Back. Our aim for this initiative is to combat the ever upward trend of rising insurance premiums. Over the past few years TTc has forgone a portion of its income to give back to missions. In 2019 we will continue this and each member will directly receive 3% of their previous year's annual premium applied to their renewal premium payment. This is something that prudent stewardship of our resources and wise decisions have enabled us to do.

To date TTc Gives Back has given US$199,263.35 to our members.
Referral Bonus
Thank you to all of you who have been telling your friends about TTc, this year members earned US$13,800 off their premiums as a result of our referral bonuses. Remember you will earn US$100 off your next premium for each friend you refer who joins either our Alpha or our Omega program, and your friend will also receive US$100 off their second year's premium. There is no limit to how many referral bonuses you can earn.
Let your group know
Are you part of a group where others in your group need medical insurance? Do you know who might be a good person to talk to about that? If so, we would love to speak with them about how TTc could serve them.
How are we doing?
TTc was set up to provide a world-class insurance service for missionaries at a cost effective price. To help us in our efforts to continuously improve how we serve you please do let us know if there is ever anything that falls short of excellence in any of our interactions with you.
Thank you for continuing to be good stewards of these insurance programs so that we can continue to provide these services to many others serving around the world just like yourself.  If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this update please do not hesitate to contact me or my team.

Nathan Lyon
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