The Omega Plan

Designed for missionaries serving more than one year, includes full US cover.

Omega is an international private medical insurance plan that is supported by services to meet the physical, mental, and financial needs of missionaries so that they can have the greatest impact where they are serving for as long as they need to be there.

Omega provides full coverage in a missionary’s home country should a member need to return home for treatment, or during times of furlough.

Note: Omega provides cover globally, including within the USA. It is ideal for long-term American missionaries or those spending part of their time in the States. If you are neither American nor require cover within the USA, then we recommend our Alpha Plan.

The Table of Benefits

All amounts are shown in US Dollars
Annual maximum limit per insured person$1,000,000
(no lifetime limit)

Deductible options are based on claims Outside or Inside the USA.

Outside the USA / Inside the USA
   $5,000               /    $2,500
   $5,000               /    $200
   $2,900               /    $500

Emergency medical evacuation$1,000,000
(no lifetime limit)
Video/Telemedicine Available globally. Free 24/7 Unlimited Use 
Pandemic cover – including COVID vaccinations of up to $250
Terrorism medical cover
Medical practitioner, specialist consultation or nursing fees
Prescription medication and dressings
Physiotherapy or occupational therapy – 20 sessions, covered in full. A medical report will be required for more sessions
Emergency treatment in a dedicated emergency room of a hospital or urgent care facility
ICU cover $1,500/day up to 180 days
Inpatient & day patient hospitalization covered in full
Outpatient treatment covered in full
Surgery and associated fees from medical practitioner and medical facility

Diagnostic and surgical procedures covered in full per examination including:

  • Pathology tests
  • Ultrasounds
  • MRI
  • CT scans
  • X-rays
  • Prescribed appliances
Cancer treatment
Normal pregnancy (10-month waiting period) $10,000 per pregnancy
Pregnancy complications (10-month waiting period)
Annual wellness check-ups $400/person (20% co-insurance)
Local ground ambulance $1,500 per event
Auto or motorcycle accidents
Burial / cremation / return of mortal remains $15,000 per person
Organ transplant $250,000 per lifetime
Congenital anomalies $100,000 per medical condition
Newborn hospital accommodation – to accompany a mother who is receiving inpatient treatment
Parent hospital accommodation – to accompany a child receiving inpatient treatment
Traditional chinese medicine
Reconstructive surgery
Rehabilitation 120 days per medical condition
Alternative treatments including a chiropractor, osteopath, homeopath, podiatrist or acupuncturist – 20 sessions covered in full. A medical report will be required for more sessions
Psychiatric Treatment Inpatient: $5,000 with a 30-day limit. Outpatient: Limited to $5,000
Accidental damage to teeth $2,500
Surgical extraction of teeth $2,500
Treatment of acute medical conditions caused by chronic conditions
Ongoing chronic conditions management $3,000
Hormone replacement therapy 3 months per lifetime
Home nursing 30 days per medical condition
Hospice care 30 days
Convalescent care costs incurred in the first 30 days
Hospital cash benefit $125/night up to 20 nights
Choice of hospitals/doctors USA – Aetna PPO, Elsewhere – unrestricted
20% coinsurance applies in the USA only, up to $10,000/person

✔ Covered up to policy limit or limits indicated, excess/deductible and co-insurance where applicable.

A group huddle of floorball players linked to our travel medical insurance's no claims bonus benefit

No Claims Bonus

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Talent Trust Gives Back

We support members and their missions by giving back a portion of our income.
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Referral Program

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The team, ready to serve alongside missionaries by providing the best worldwide health insurance

Our Team

It’s our privilege and joy to support missionaries with our unique service so that they can thrive in the field.  Our team has unparalleled experience and knowledge, with a heart to serve. 

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Mercy Fund

We know life can be complicated, so we tithe 10% of our income into a discretionary Mercy Fund to cover things that fall outside of the scope of our insurance policies.

Additional Options

Everyone’s needs are different. We have an excellent insurance policy and then allow you to personalize it to your needs.

All amounts are in US Dollars

Maternity Cover

$10,000 maternity cover is included.

Chronic Conditions

This option increases the benefit for routine management and palliative medical expenses incurred in connection with a chronic condition which manifests after its purchase date from $3,000 to $50,000 per year. HIV/AIDS coverage limited to $10,000.

Under the standard program rules, the initial diagnosis of a chronic condition will be covered up to the maximum program limit. All routine management and palliative medical expenses for the chronic condition will be limited to $3,000 per year after the initial diagnosis.

Pricing: $1,222 per Adult and $414 per Child.

Note: This option is applied to all dependents on the policy.

Travel Insurance

Straightforward and effective travel insurance that works when away from your Home Country and Overseas Country of Residence. Please note that for children, this option is only necessary if the child travels alone.

Cancellation & Curtailment: Up to $1,500 for unused travel and accommodation costs, should you have to cancel or cut short your projected journey.

Luggage, Clothing & Personal Effects:  Up to $1,000 for loss of, or damage to, luggage, clothing and personal effects. $2,000 in respect of loss of a notebook computer and up to $300 for the loss of a camera or musical instrument.

Personal Money:  Up to $500 for the loss of cash, bank or currency notes, traveller’s cheques, passports, etc., including reasonable expenses incurred as a result of loss.

Excess: $50 for each claim ($100 in the USA).
Territory:  Worldwide, excluding a member’s Home Country and Normal Country of Residence.

Pricing:  $32 per Adult

Compassionate Travel

This option extends the benefit to provide cover for reasonable travel and accommodation for one insured person (together with any minors) per policy necessarily having to travel to and return from the normal Country of Domicile or Country of Residence when:

  • A parent has unexpectedly suffered a life threatening accident, life threatening illness or suffered a sudden death from any condition which did not pre-date the purchase date of this agreement.
    This is subject to $1,500 towards the cost of travel per period of cover and limited to no more than 2 claims in any 5-year period.
  • A near relative has unexpectedly been placed on the critical list following an accident.

This is subject to $3,000 towards the cost of travel per incident.

Pricing:   $413 per Policy

Personal Accident

A lump sum payment of $100,000 in the event of…

1. Accidental Death
2. Permanent Total Disablement from usual occupation following Accident
3. Loss of and/or loss of use of eyes and/or limbs following Accident

Please be assured that even without this option you would be covered for treatment of injuries sustained in an accident.

Pricing:  $228 per Adult

Non-Emergency Travel

This option will provide the cost of return economy-class travel to the country of the nearest appropriate medical facility, in the event that a member requires inpatient or day patient non-emergency treatment that is unavailable at the member’s current location. Subject to written agreement from us, and certified instructions from the attending medical practitioner or specialist including confirmation that the required treatment is unavailable at the place of incident. Limited to $500 per period of cover (subject to 20% coinsurance).

Emergency travel benefits are included as a standard benefit within the policy.

Note: The option, if purchased, must be applied to all dependents on the policy.

Pricing:  The pricing is based on the premium rate for the Omega policy. You can simply get a quote to see the price. You will have the option to de-select before purchasing.

Routine Dental Cover

Includes examinations and tooth cleaning, normal compound fillings, porcelain crowns and extractions, but excludes root canal treatment, false teeth, denture, corrective, orthodontic or cosmetic treatment carried out by a dental surgeon in a dental surgery; up to $250 per insured person per period of cover. This cover is subject to a 6-month waiting period.

Pricing:  $210 per Adult, $54 per Child.

Notes: Only available on Excess 400/100, Excess 800/200 and Deductible 1600/400 plans.
This option is applied to all dependents on the policy.

Vision Care

The cost of routine eye exam and the purchase of vision hardware, when the member’s prescription has changed. Limited to 1 eye exam and a maximum of $250 per insured person per period of cover. Policy excess does not apply to this benefit.

Pricing:  $237 per Adult

Note: The option, if purchased, must be applied to all dependents on the policy.

Terms and More Info

Co-Insurance: For treatment received within the preferred provider network in the USA, members will be liable for the first 20% of any admissible cost up to an annual limit of $10,000 per insured person per period of cover and also, the first 20% of any admissible cost incurred for Well Child Care and Annual Wellness Check. The coinsurance is applied after any deduction for excess applicable to the policy.

The following benefits are not subject to an excess/deductible and coinsurance:

  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Mortal Remains
  • Emergency Transportation
  • Hospital Cash Benefit

The Complications of Pregnancy benefit is not subject to coinsurance.

The following benefits are not subject to an excess/deductible:

  • Well Child Care
  • Wellness Benefit